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Airparty Begins

Everything began with a french podcast about tech tools used by tech actors. Stackast was born. 2 seasons later more than 300 tools stacked with 15 guests let me think I had to use an other medium allowing me to share deeper insights.

Then come the Lockdown. I step aside the project and start to curate the one tech ressource that desserve a well-structured curation : webinars and Live. Airparty was born.

Now Airparty and Stackast get married. Because they both speak the same language : curation of tech ressources.

Tech ressources could change lives.

And guess what ? Who on the earth experiment full experience of tech tools during the Lockdown ? Almost everyone.

If you still think there is still no model between your job and rising 10 Millions of dollars in a risky startup project to be “at ease”

Hurry up and learn what Passion Economy is with this article of Li Jin

Stop your next product thing. Begin your next community thing.

Start to share what you love. Drop your passion into some piece of digital paper or stream it. Magnet your audience to you and use it as a sandbox to test everything.

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