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Hello everyone ! I am excited to share the first issue of the new Airparty Weekly Digest.

What is it about? Once subscribed, you will receive hand curated resources for your next passion project. Resources to build and to be paid for what you love.

I spend this 10 last years following solopreneurs and side-project creators (if you want to know more about my journey read this). Most of them wanted become the next Uber or leave their job spending thousands of € in app développement. Since nocode bring new ways to build and to bill customers it becomes easier to gather people around an idea. Your job now is to gather you next 1000 or 100 true fans to begin to monetize.

You launch a newsletter, a podcast, an online course ? About anime, fintech or grass plants ? That’s your passion and you can make essays about it ? Your wonder if you could earn some money from it ?

Come and grab these ressources below.

Your feedback is invaluable to me. Please reply to this email to introduce yourselves and send me resources ideas for creators. What do you find most useful? What do you like to see more of and what kinds of coverage are missing?

If you still think there is still no model between your job and rising 10 Millions of dollars in a risky startup project to be “at ease”

Hurry up and learn what Passion Economy is with this article of Li Jin

Stop your next product thing. Begin your next community thing.

Start to share what you love. Drop your passion into some piece of digital paper or stream it. Magnet your audience to you over border and use it as a sandbox to test everything.

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We curated items to help you both upgrade your skills, your network and and keep alive your inside fire ;-)

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And here is what is the community selection for this week:

If you still think you could not monetize your passion

  • Look @ Ophélie Duvillard

  • Look @ Emilie Albertini

Allez on ressort les chaussettes ❄️⛄️
May 11, 2020
  • Look @ Anne Julie who began online yoga courses

Cette semaine est un peu étrange. Beaucoup de flou, beaucoup de projections, alors patience, patience. ⁠ .⁠
On se retrouve demain à 11h pour explorer une nouvelle posture 💫 ⁠
#newyogapose #yogaathome #yogaretreatathome #yogaliveinstagram
May 8, 2020
  • Read interviews of successfull Indie project on Indie Hackers and bookmark for life this website.

If you’re on a middle of some project you want to read this fresh content pieces

  • Snacking tweets for you

If you need some fresh tools (2020 Tools)

  • Tool to #hustle your #community with Distance Disco

  • Tool to launch & #monetize your next training #sport-coaching-session with TrueCoach

  • Tool #to share your passion with others and make in the same time smart #acquisition for your creation with mini-topo 🇫🇷

  • To get social with your community into some awesome group chat with

  • To share anonymously and ephemeral messages in secret group chat check weeair

  • To get help on a Saas app from other Saas capiche

  • to read with your ears Elocance will read out loud your next article

If you want to watch usefull Virtual Events this week

We design a special podcast for you. We ask to digital activist the tools they used on a daily basis. I called that Stackast few month ago. I hope that will help you to thrive. French fluents could access to previous episode here.

🗓️May 20 🇫🇷
Marie Dollé vide son Stack • Stackast - Airparty Originals

Marie Dollé is one of the most complete digital strategist I know and she will share with us her stack of tools she used on a daily basis. She launched her newsletter today with a deep analysis on the Giphy acquisition by Facebook so go look at it over there :

Others Shows curated for your direct attention

🗓️May 18 🇫🇷
Good vibes with Adham, CEO of OKA Media. “Adham est le CEO d'Oka Media, LA solution qui facilite la vie des streamers & youtubeurs.” • The Family

🗓️May 19 🇬🇧
Business Intelligence for your performance marketing, for B2C Apps, by Once CEOStation F

🗓️May 19 🇫🇷
Lancer soi-même son projet de site web ou d'appli, avec les outils no-code • >Contournement>

🗓️May 19 🇫🇷
Les superpouvoirs des outils no-code : focus sur l'automatisation pour les non-développeur-se-s. 🧙⚙️🧙‍♀️, avec les outils no-code • >Contournement>

🗓️May 19 🇫🇷
Comment prendre confiance à l'oral et réussir sa prise de parole en public🧙⚙️🧙‍♀️, avec les outils no-code • Malt Academy

🗓️May 19 🇫🇷
Analyser les interactions et conversions de son site web via Google Tag Manager • Malt Academy

🗓️May 20 🇬🇧
Jane VC Virtual Workshop with Allison Yazdian (Compass): How to Adjust your B2B Sales Strategy in a Virtual World

🗓️May 22 🇫🇷
MoHo Talk | Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout, co-fondatrice des expéditions UnderThePole • Moho Talk

If you want to join some great communities and group chat of Indie Makers and creators

🇬🇧 If you want to join some other Indie makers fellows join Indie Worldwide where Anthony make a tremendous job of community builder

🇫🇷 For Podcast hosts : if you’re French fluent and have already a podcast with some episodes you must join Podcasts Makers the first community of host where you can join self-minded folks.

🇫🇷 For No-Code builders & learners : if you want some fellows to exchange about your next webflow or glide challenge join >Contournement>

If you want some cool replays to hear / to see to upgrade your skills (Podcast, Youtube, etc)


Le guide de l’Instagram Marketing • Growth Marketing - L’AARRR appliqué 🇫🇷

To know how to choose your next Paid newsletter media : Podcast Episode Covering Substack, Medium, and Amazon KDP

Why you should probably dig deeper on webflow for your next creation with Ran Segall


From Zero to $10,000 a Month with a Niche Newsletter and Directory b Side Hustle Nation

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Superorganizer : how the smartest people in the world organize knowledge to do their best work.

Startup Resources for what it seems proposed in this title

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