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Want to learn about our first premium product? Read on.

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Airparty membership: a premium version of my platform of online content-based community from paid newsletters writers, paid podcasts host, online courses schools, the goal of which is to create a unique peer mastermind group of online paid community builders willing to game-change the internet before 2025.

TL;TR ? It’s about a membership about how to create awesome online paid communities.

• For free you will get a weekly digest with the calendar and exclusive online content from our members based on a “Airparty” model : authors, executives, entrepreneurs and companies selling paid content “On air” as paid newsletters, online courses, paid podcasts, etc.

• For $10 a month till end of May you can apply to get a lifetime membership to a unique Mastermind group with online community builders peers trying in 2020 to game-changing the way to hustle online paid online businesses in 2025.

Why ?

Stackast's last episode Podcast in February and my daily digest curated newsletter about Virtual Meetups marked an important milestone in my journey. About how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned about both : 

Everything began with a french podcast about tech tools used by tech actors. Stackast was born. 2 seasons later, 300 tools stacked by 15 guests and more than 300 newsletter’s subscribers let me think how rich it would be if I created a whole content-based community allowed to shared and cast their own juice. We were at the end of February.

Hence In March I launched a private initiative called Stacktool which wanted to be a kind of “Instagram of tools”. Made with Glide I experiment the journey with some of by best subscribers (thx to Xavier, Jérôme, Daniel, My, Emilie, Mike, Alex, Bruno, Dorothy and all my Podcast Speakers ;-). Each one of them could post a cool ressource on Stacktool generating automaticly a cool newsletter with each members inputs by the end of the day. For those who know the history of Product Hunt they litteraly began like this with a curated newsletter tools called Linkydink which disapeared sadly last year.

Then come the Lockdown in France. I step aside the project and start to curate the one tech ressource that take the most space in the Stacktool newsletter : webinars and Livestream. Airparty was born. A Daily Digest of the best virtual meetups of the day which get since 2 month a daily average open rate of 55% and 30% engagement.

Now Airparty and Stackast get married. Because they both speak the same language : ressources by tech actors for tech actors. And it was time for me to build the content-based community tools and ressources oriented I always dream of.

For those who want to deep dive into online community opportunities just deep dive into the last chunck of about this model.

I also switch my content in English because that cover a much marger part of the world even if I will still propose sometimes French dedicated content for my country folks.

So wherever you come let’s Airparty with us ;-)

Netflix for Business

Airparty is still growing from a podcast then a webinar digest newsletter to a global community of tech actors. I also hang out online now with my listeners and most active subscribers and began original community events with many more to come.

I've loved investing my heart, time and money into building Airparty curating tech ressources and preparing for this next chapter. Having met and listened to many incredible Airparty supporters, I now have more ideas than ever about how to further our impact. However, in order to make good on our mission, we will need a solid and sustainable business model.  

Since its inception, the mission of Airparty, Stackast or Stacktool has been the same: launching an awesome online community. Learning to do that was hard. So Airparty will make that a little bit easier.

  1. Mainstreamly : proposing awesome online community content-based by those who launched actually the new paid leading community before 2025. How that’s sound ? That’s my point for the Netflix of Business. The best shows giving to you for almost nothing because you’re helping and shaping them from the nest.

  2. Mastermindly : feedback-learning and experiment new online business models for online communities peers, listen great experts on the online community building sphere, assist to exclusive Live Q&A with the one who build amazing online paid community businesses.

  3. Networkly : connecting online community builders of today to create a new generation of paid community leaders. Helping more people navigate online business challenges with no-fluff advice about community building (with our online community on Slack & offline events). And ultimatly become one of a kind badass group of online paid community leaders before 2025.

Introducing the Airparty Membership: an opportunity to tap into and be part of the growth of our curated community. 

We want you to not only be the most informed founder, funder or maker in the room, but also have access to the tools and network you need to thrive in tech over the long term.

What benefits does this membership have? We are excited to offer our membership community the following: 


  • Weekly Digest with calendar and exclusive content from our online communities members which are paid newsletters, virtual meetups, online courses, paid podcast, etc • We shift from Revue to Substack right now importing all the previous issues over there.


  • Access to the community and our group Chat on Slack - from top tier online paid community builders all over the world. Tap into the community to receive and share advice, resources and learnings with fellows.

  • Live Q&A - Opportunities to participate in subscriber-only live Q&As and mentoring sessions with experts held on Substack. Members have their say on who we bring in to these sessions.

    • Register now for the Live Q&A with Thibault de Villemandy, co-founder of a powerfull french newsletter about trends before they exploded

      Or this one in two weeks with Marie Dollé a Digital Strategist with a Stack of online tools always fully loaded of fresh digital tools and ressources.

  • Full Access to the Airparty App which will be the “The Table of Contents” of pretty everything shared in the community pointing to full archive of expert discussions (Live Q&A, Podcast, etc) + the full calendar of the Virtual Meetups we curate + full content-based stacked by the community (books, revues, newsletters, articles recommended).

  • Network : with a bunch of peers and experts which shape online business of tomorrow.

Online Events will continue to be open to all on Youtube but the Live Q&A session will remain exclusive to our Premium Members on our Slack channels. For other considerations of the Premium Membership we made this little FAQ.

Sign up for just $10 a month or $100 a year.

For more information, read our list of FAQs here.

The first subscriber-only post will be sent out to official Airparty members next week. I am hugely excited to embark on the next chapter of Airparty and hope you will join me as we continue to build this community and realize our shared vision. Your support means everything.

Now let’s Party.